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For more than 20 years, John has drawn his main inspiration from the natural environment, painting landscapes that combine Impressionist vision with attention to detail.

While not as famous as Montana or Idaho, the high deserts of southern New Mexico can equally be considered Big Sky Country. The Transitions series focuses on uncovering the mystery and beauty of this often underestimated aspect of New Mexico, highlighting the hidden meanings of the forms and shapes that our imaginations create as we gaze.



Representing the governing forces of day and night the Bicameral Collection features a selection of prints based on John's vertical drilling technique. These composite images allow us to print both sides of the canvas, giving everyone the chance to own this unique style.

Originally titled "Happy Hour" the Reflections Collection was the breeding ground for John's unique neon on oil technique.



Starting out as a planned series featuring a selection of famous churches from across the state, the Architecture collection has slowly expanded over the years. John sets out to achieve a more photographic look than some contemporary representational styles, combining his love for the impressionist era with a keen eye for detail.


After years of being inspired by the natural environment, John was drawn to the words of Edgar Degas - especially his call for artists to create works based on the inner landscape of imagination and memory. As such, he has created an eclectic series of semi-figurative works that combine these reflections with the influence of the human world.

Still Life

Starting with the Pomegranate in 2019 John began painting a series of still life images, initially focused on the beauty of wildlife. Intentionally moving away from a contemporary abstract style, the Still Life Collection takes a more traditional approach, with the objective of creating quality detailed images that convey sentience and awareness.

Blacklight Gallery

A complete collection of works that feature John's unique neon on oil technique, including those that have previously been sold, as well as those that are still available for purchase.